Las Vegas Luxor - A Piece of Ancient Egypt Right on the Las Vegas Strip

luxor las vegas hotelIt isn't something you would normally expect to see - even in Las Vegas. But there it is standing tall on the strip, a giant pyramid. The Las Vegas Luxor was one of the city's first themed mega-resorts. But it's the ancient Egyptian design that truly sets it apart as one of the most unique hotels in the world.

You'll find the Luxor located at the end of the strip closest to the airport. Other major hotels nearby are Mandalay Bay and the Excalibur. But the Luxor is strikingly different from anything else on the Vegas strip and is truly a visual spectacle and an engineering marvel. When the Luxor opened in 1993, it was the tallest structure on the strip. But the continuous growth and expansion of Las Vegas meant that the Luxor was soon dwarfed by other mega-hotels.

Today the Luxor Las Vegas can accommodate more than 4,400 guests. Its rooms are located on the outer walls of the pyramid and are accessible to guests by "inclinators" that move up and down the inner surface of the pyramid at a 39-degree angle. Open hallways leading to the rooms overlook the vast atrium, which is the largest in the world at 29 million cubic feet.

Another distinctive mark of the Luxor is the massive light beam that shoots straight up from the pyramid into the night sky. The total light output is rated at 41.5 gigacandelas (A common candle emits light with a luminous intensity of approximately one candela) and each hour that it runs burns up approximately the same amount of energy as the average American household uses in two weeks.

There's a tram that connects the Luxor to the Mandalay Bay and Excalibur hotels and after a day of exploring Vegas it's a most welcome ride.

Illusionist Criss Angel tapes episodes of his TV series "Mindfreak" at the Luxor hotel. Angel also starred in a magic-themed Cirque du Soleil production at the Luxor.

Another interesting attraction here is the "Bodies... The Exhibition" show which features 13 whole body specimens and 260 organs and partial specimens. It offers the kind of view of the human body most of us never see. You get an up close look at the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems, with unforgettable visuals of damaged organs from overeating, lack of exercise and smoking. It's something you won't ever forget.

The spa at the Luxor offers massages, body treatments, makeup and more. LAX and Cathouse nightclubs offer Vegas-style nightlife until the wee hours. For your dining pleasure, there are a variety of options from fresh deli-style sandwiches to mouth-watering steak and lobster. And don't forget the bustling Luxor casino.

All in all, the Luxor Las Vegas is a wonderful place to stay. If you are staying at another hotel, the Luxor is a must-see for its unique style and design.

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